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Customer Disclosure

Revenue Sharing Disclosure for Dinosaur Financial Group's Customers of RBC

Dinosaur Financial Group, LLC (“DFG”), a full-service broker-dealer registered with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”), has entered into a revenue-sharing agreement with RBC Capital Markets, LLC (“RBC”). Under the agreement, DFG receives a monthly payment fromRBC. The payment is based on the monthly average of the daily aggregate amount held by DFG clients that is covered by the RBC Bank Deposit Program (the “Program”). The Program covers margin balances, RBC’s Credit Interest Program, and money market funds. DFG’s clients are neither charged an additional fee nor receive decreased interest rates as a result of RBC’s monthly payment to DFG. However, clients may be able to receive better interest rates at other custodians that do not have these revenue-sharing agreements. As a result, client returns on amounts held in cash or on margin may be higher at other custodians. Clients should be aware that this agreement presents a conflict of interest, since DFG and its RRs have an incentive to recommend that clients’ assets are held at RBC. In addition, DFG and its RRs have an incentive to maintain larger cash or margin balances in client accounts in order to increase revenue.